A Steroid Originally Found in Dogfish Could Treat Parkinson's

A naturally-occurring compound has been found to block a process thought to cause Parkinson’s, and target its toxic products, scientists have reported.Read more

The Cure3 Exhibition

Over 50 artists of international standing will create a selling art exhibition in aid of The Cure Parkinson's Trust at Bonhams, 13-15 March.Read more

Cambridge Cognition partners with The Cure Parkinson's Trust

We are delighted to announce that Cambridge Cognition has selected The Cure Parkinson's Trust to be their 2017 Charity of the Year!Read more

Diabetes Drug Slows Experimental Parkinson’s Disease Progression.

New data published today shows this drug preserves critical brain function in laboratory models of Parkinson’s.Read more

New Evidence Suggests Parkinson's Might Not Start in The Brain

A new study adds to a raft of new evidence which suggests Parkinson's starts in the gut.Read more

British & Irish Lions partner with The Cure Parkinson's Trust

We are delighted to announce THE BRITISH & IRISH LIONS have partnered with The Cure Parkinson’s Trust for their 2017 Tour to New Zealand.Read more

#GivingTuesday 2016

On 29th November it's #GivingTuesday - the day to do good stuff for a cause you love. And we'd love you to get involved and support The Cure Parkinson's Trust!Read more

The October Club Fundraising Dinner

The annual fundraising dinner organised by the City-based philanthropy group, The October Club, has raised over £610K for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust.Read more

The Grouse & Grape Fundraising Luncheon

The Grouse & Grape Luncheon at Dartmouth House raises over £30 k for The Cure Parkinson’s TrustRead more

'Gap' found in Brain's Firewall against Parkinson's.

An NIH-funded animal model study identifies a key player in the progression of Parkinson's.Read more

Rallying to the Challenge Patient Meeting 2016

How can we collect relevant data from people with Parkinson's to allow experiences to drive the research agenda - How do we engage sufficient numbers of people in recording information about themselves - What controls do we need in place?Read more

Tom is Honoured at the World Parkinson Congress

Tom Isaacs, president of The Cure Parkinson's Trust, received an inaugural honour at the World Parkinson Congress in Portland Oregon today - for dedication and outstanding contribution in his work for the Parkinson's community.Read more

The World Parkinson Congress 2016

The World Parkinson Congress took place from the 20th to 23rd September providing an international forum for dialogue on the latest scientific discoveries, medical practices and caregiver initiatives related to Parkinson’s disease (PD).Read more

Vaccine for Parkinson's Reports Positive Results from Boost Study

New study results from Austrian biotech AFFiRiS support continued development of its vaccine against the key Parkinson's protein alpha-synuclein.Read more

Diabetes Drug Focus of New Clinical Trial for Parkinson’s

A clinical trial, part of our Linked Clinical Trials programme, is now underway at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles to investigate the use of the diabetes drug Liraglutide to slow or stop the progression of Parkinson's.Read more

Remember a Charity Week - #MyWisdom

This week is 'Remember a Charity' week. We acknowledge the importance of legacies, to both the people who bequeath them and those who benefit from others generosity!Read more

The Linked Clinical Trials Meeting 2016

The weekend of 2nd September 2016 saw the Linked Clinical Trials committee meet again in its annual assessment and evaluation of multiple drugs and compounds with the potential to modify Parkinson's.Read more

The October Club and CPT - our fundraising begins!

Members from The October Club and The Cure Parkinson's Trust teams met on what was a very relaxed and informal day at Ascot, heralding our fundraising partnership.Read more

The October Club Philanthropy Group Supports CPT

The City-based philanthropy group, The October Club has formally announced The Cure Parkinson’s Trust as the beneficiary charity for their annual fundraising dinner during an evening reception at the House of Commons.Read more

CPT Collaborates to Assess the Clinical Use of Nilotinib in Parkinson's

The Michael J. Fox Foundation, Van Andel Research Institute and The Cure Parkinson’s Trust announced plans to collaborate on the clinical development of nilotinib in preliminary studies as a treatment for Parkinson’s.Read more

European Commission approves ONGENTYS® (opicapone)

BIAL announced that its product ONGENTYS® (opicapone) for Parkinsons is approved by the European Commission. ONGENTYS® will be available for people with Parkinson’s across Europe in 2016/17Read more