The Cure Parkinson’s Trust was founded in 2005 by four people with Parkinson's: Sir Richard Nichols, Air Vice Marshal Michael Dicken, Sir David Jones and Tom Isaacs. Their specific aim was to raise money to fund and facilitate research into finding a cure for Parkinson’s. They dared to believe that a cure could be found. These were the original ‘Movers & Shakers’, and the charity’s ethos has evolved through a combination of four key elements...

Effective Communication
We have been bridging gaps in communication, and have forged increasingly effective partnerships between neurologists, scientists, regulators, the pharmaceutical industry and those who live with the condition. Through our patient and scientific meetings, we are helping to break down the barriers that have existed between individual stakeholders in the search for a cure.

Passion Our rapid progress as an organisation can be attributed not only to our expertise and energy but also to the passion and determination of our staff, volunteers and supporters. Our work responds to and is inspired by the needs of those living with Parkinson’s and this gives everything we do a sense of focus, credibility and relevance.

A Real Sense of Urgency We recognise the significance of efficacy and safety in the development of new treatments, but we also recognise the need for greater urgency. The Cure Parkinson’s Trust believes the science is out there to make a real breakthrough in the treatment of Parkinson’s. We constantly strive to ensure that the pace of transition from science to clinic is not hampered for reasons of excessive regulation or viability.

Impact We have developed a dynamic research profile and have become recognised for our pioneering approach which has already uncovered new treatment targets. The Cure Parkinson’s Trust engages with all key players in the Parkinson’s community, and by encouraging constructive teamwork, we can and do make real impact on the pace of progress.


The Cure Parkinson’s Trust excels in identifying research needed in Parkinson’s and has a flexible approach to grant awards that avoids the delays and bureaucracy that impede progress. They have become the Michael J Fox Foundation of the UK and the concentration on truly translational research that addresses patient expectations in Parkinson’s is a refreshing approach in the search for a cure.

Professor Peter Jenner, Neuropharmacologist

'Parkinson's, The Critical Pathway' explains our philosopy in more detail

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