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Stem Cell (Dopamine Cell Replacement) Therapies For Parkinson's

When diagnosed, people with Parkinson’s have often had the disease for years and have lost over half of the dopamine producing cells in their brain. Now scientists are searching for a way to replace these nerve cells.


Author: Suzanne Bailey

'Rallying to the Challenge' Patient Meeting Goes Virtual for 2020

For the first time, this year's meeting for people with Parkinson's, will be held online and will focus on the origins and development of Parkinson’s, including triggers, early symptoms and stages of the disease.


Author: Suzanne Bailey

The Bydureon Phase lll Trial: Supplementary Substudies

The Cure Parkinson's Trust and the Van Andel Institute are delighted to be supporting two sub-studies led by Prof. Tom Foltynie within the important Bydureon phase lll trial...


Author: Suzanne Bailey

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