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Trials - Repurposed drugs

Our international Linked Clinical Trials initiative (LCT) identifies potential new treatments to slow, stop or reverse Parkinson’s disease by 'repurposing' or repositioning drugs that are approved to treat other conditions.


Author: Jessica Wright

Dopamine Cell Replacement Therapies - Research Updates

When diagnosed, people with Parkinson’s have often had the disease for years and have lost over half of the dopamine producing cells in their brain. Now scientists are searching for a way to replace these nerve cells.


Author: Suzanne Bailey

Why Get Involved in Clinical Trials - Read Michael's story

Michael has taken part in a number of clinical trials, most recently the PD-STAT trial led by Dr Camille Carroll, University of Plymouth...


Author: Suzanne Bailey

Latest news

  • The Behaviours of Alpha-Synuclein

    Researchers are beginning to better understand the behaviours of the alpha-synuclein protein implicated in Parkinson's. In this article, Linked Clinical Trials committee member David Sulzer discusses the findings... Read more

  • Could Changes in the Levels of Serotonin Signal Parkinson's?

    Researchers from King's College London have uncovered the earliest signs of Parkinson's in the brain, long before any symptoms are evident. The results could potentially lead to screening tools for identifying people at greatest risk - an important area of research interest... Read more

  • CuATSM - A Promising Compound

    Following on from interesting results in a clinical trial of motor neurone disease earlier this year this new study in Parkinson's further supports the potential utility of this compound... Read more

Latest events

  • The Ridgway Mini-Fest

    Join supporter and long time friend of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust Barbara Thompson for a fantastic afternoon of music and food at The Ridgway Mini-Fest on Saturday 27th July. Read more

  • The Vitality London 10,000 (10k) 2020

    The London 10,000 is a fantastic 10k run organised by the team behind the London Marathon. It starts and finishes in St James’s Park with runners passing many of London’s most famous sights. Read more

  • Amersham Rotary Club's 33rd Charity Golf Day

    Join the Amersham Rotary Club’s 33rd Charity Golf Classic at Harewood Downs Golf Club in support of CPT. Read more