The BBC Lifeline Appeal 

The viewers’ response to The Cure Parkinson’s Trust BBC Lifeline Appeal which aired in March was absolutely fantastic with twenty one new people signing up as regular givers to CPT and an astounding £67,386 raised to help fund our research into clinical trials of potential new treatments to slow stop and reverse Parkinson’s. 

Funds raised from the appeal are being focused on our five year plan to ensure the development of a series of innovative research trials under our Linked Clinical Trials (LCT) programme, selecting drugs that are already used to treat other diseases and trialling them in Parkinson’s. Our LCT committee is now prioritising drugs for trial faster than we can secure funding and the funds from this appeal have been vital in accelerating this important research initiative.

We were overwhelmed by the incredible response from viewers. Funds from the appeal have made a significant impact on supporting our new trials to find new treatments for Parkinson’s. Importantly, the appeal also generated a high level of interest and awareness of the prevalence of Parkinson’s in the UK and the urgency for a cure. ~ Helen Matthews, Deputy CEO

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas!