The Climb Ben Nevis Challenge is an escorted trek organised through adventure travel specialists Discover Adventure. For full challenge details, itinerary and what is included in the cost please click here.

The Scottish Highlands are full of enchantment and ancient history and this trek is the perfect opportunity to experience this beautiful unspoilt environment. Ben Nevis (Gaelic translation ‘Mountain of Heaven’) itself is the highest point in Scotland and the British Isles, standing at the lofty height of 1343m (roughly 4000ft). Reaching the summit of Ben Nevis is the challenge taking on the long, arduous uphill trek which will provide you with a wonderful sense of achievement.

This challenge is graded as Demanding (Grade 2). Walking up and down the mountain is difficult and weather can add to the challenge. 

Dates & Prices

Discover Adventure are currently confirming their 2020 dates for the Climb Ben Nevis Challenge. Please continue to check here for more information. 

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