With expeditions in Montana, Morocco and Norway, IGO Adventures really are the challenge of a lifetime! Take part in 4 disciplines over 4 days in the world’s greatest wildernesses and raise funds for The Cure Parkinson's Trust!

N60° (March 2018) The Norwegian Challenge is a cross-country race covering the breathtakingly beautiful 100 mile landscape between Hemsedal and Geilo. Embedded in the heart of a land synonymous with adventure, this expedition crosses a snowy expanse on foot, bike and skis.

W114° (August 2018) The Montana Challenge passes through the trails of the Flathead National Forest and includes a kayak down the North Fork of the Flathead River, regarded as one of the most stunning kayaking stretches in North America, finishing in the historic town of Whitefish.

NW05° (October 2018) The Moroccan Challenge meanders past Berber villages in the arid Agafay desert before heading up into the steep African snow-capped Mountain Range. Biking, kayaking, orienteering and an Atlas scramble make up the four disciplines in this challenge.

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