Our research update meetings took place in May & October 2016. Listen to some of our advocates presentations and view the research presentations by Professor Roger Barker, Dr Mariah Lelos and Dr Richard Wyse.

Click in to the video below to hear what some of our audience thought of previous research meetings.


The Research Meeting 31st October 2016

The drug EPI-589 (owned by Edison Pharmaceuticals) is to be trialled in Parkinson's (PD) in a proof of concept study. EPI-589 was designed to treat rare mitochondrial diseases in children and we now know that mitochondrial dysfunction is a hallmark of genetic types of Parkinson’s. This trial, led by Professor Huw Morris of the Leonard Wolfson Experimental Neurology Centre at UCLH in London, will help us understand whether EPI-589 can improve mitochondrial function in neurons and if so, what benefit this has for people with Parkinson’s.


Introduction to the meeting - Tom Isaacs, President and Co-founder The Cure Parkinson’s Trust

Clinical Trials Results Update - Dr Richard Wyse, Helen Matthews

• Overview of trials underway
• Trials reaching conclusion
• Trials in the planning phase, needing funding

Clinical Trials Recruiting in the London Region: Professor Huw Morris's team

• EPI-589
• Ambroxol
• Families Study
• Simvastatin

Round-up from World Parkinson Congress:

• Best breaking news – Dr Jon Stamford
• Best engagement with industry – David Jones
• Best initiatives by PwP for PwP – David Sangster and Emma Lawton - listen to David and Emma's presentation...

View the research presentations by Professor Roger Barker, Dr Mariah Lelos and Dr Richard Wyse filmed at our May 2016 research meeting below or catch up on other news on our You Tube channel 

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