As people with Parkinson’s (PwP), we have to make huge decisions about our health and often have to assess the prospective risks and benefits of new treatments and/or participating in clinical trials.  But how do we know whether we are using the right criteria to make these potentially life changing decisions? 

This research meeting asked searching questions of representatives from the scientific, clinical, ethical and patient communities and addressed key facts that need to be understood by PwP in order to make informed and good decisions. 


'An introduction to stem cell therapy, the good, the bad and the ugly' - Dr Mariah Lelos, Cardiff University

'Distinguishing Cell Therapy from Sell Therapy’ - Professor Roger Barker, The Brain Repair Centre, Cambridge University

'From Snake Oil to Shake Oil, witch doctors and which doctors?’ - Dr Jon Stamford and Tom Isaacs, CPT

Brief update on The Cure Parkinson’s Trust’s Research programme - Dr Richard Wyse, CPT

All presentations above can be viewed on The Cure Parkinson's Trust You Tube Channel

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