Take part in 'Sport Sweep 18' -  organised annually by CPT supporter Tom MacFarlane. Pit your sports acumen against others in this fun sweep stake - join today so not to miss out!

2018 promises to be another bumper year of sport, so get involved by clicking on the link below.


Entries must be in by Friday 26th January, after which Tom will create a spreadsheet and 'bcc' email everyone involved.

How to enter:

Step 1: Click on the link above to submit your answers (if you cannot access the link, please let Tom know and he will email you a separate spreadsheet to enter with).

Step 2: Pay your £10 entry fee into this account
NatWest Bank
Account Name: Sport Sweep 18
Account Number: 16761162
Sort Code: 600238
**Please use your name as a reference when making the payment**

Prize Pot:

- 50% of the total pool will be donated to The Cure Parkinson's Trust.
- 50% will be split between the winners as such:
1st place will receive 17% of the total pool
2nd place will receive 12% of the total pool
3rd place will receive 8% of the total pool
4th place will receive 6% of the total pool
5th place will receive 4% of the total pool

Everyone who finishes above a nominated celebrity participant will go into a hat, 3 people will be picked out and each will receive 1% of the prize money.

- You will be allowed 2 changes to your choices during the competition (these must be made by email before the event starts).
- You will also be allowed 1 "Boost" during the competition - Use this to double your score on your chosen event.
- If you are tied on points with others, the nearest prediction to the bonus question determines your position.
- Prize winners will collect their winnings the week after the final event has occurred.
- Please invite all family, friends and colleagues to enter, the more the merrier!!

Please email Tom Macfarlane directly with any queries - [email protected]

A bit of background from Tom Macfarlane:

...Sport Sweep 18 (Formerly 10 Sports Events) was started in 2010, an idea sent round to a few friends who enjoy having a little punt on the odd match here or there!  9 years on, it has reached out to friends of friends, colleagues & families and helps support The Cure Parkinson's Trust, a charity very close to my heart. To this date we have helped raise over £7,500 for a very worthy cause, for which I am very grateful. In 2017, an overwhelming 412 people took part keeping the competition growing year on year, and helping raise more money. I feel it creates extra enjoyment for all whilst witnessing the year of sport unwind, and hope we can get even more people involved in 2018.