Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Higher Rate of Parkinson's

The study published in Neurology is the largest study to date on the link between the two conditions.Read more

Astrocyte Conversion by Microglia is Neuroprotective in PD Models

Following the recent exenatide trial results, further studies of the potentially important disease-modifying role of GLP-1's in Parkinson's are taking place. This recent study examines neuroprotection...Read more

Vitamin B3 Might Have Beneficial Effects for Parkinson's

Recently researchers have provided very interesting evidence that a form of vitamin B3, called Nicotinamide Riboside, may have beneficial effects for Parkinson’s...Read more

Webinar Discussion: 'Does Exenatide reduce non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease?'

Rewatch the first of our new quarterly Parkinson’s webinar series in partnership with Journal of Parkinson’s Disease and Parkinson’s Movement here.Read more

Axovant Announces Deal for Investigational Gene Therapy Treatment

Biotech company, Oxford BioMedica, has agreed on a deal with Axovant Sciences of the US to commercialise its gene therapy for Parkinson’s...Read more

Exenatide - Effects on Non-Motor Symptoms: A Follow Up Analysis

Funded by CPT, the recent exenatide trial results have been analysed for non-motor responses with the conclusion that 'exenatide may exert independent effects on mood dysfunction'.Read more

4 Feet 4 Paws 4 Parkinson's

On 4th June, Lyndsey Isaacs set off with close friend Hanya Chlala and Lyndsey's dog Indi, to walk 200 miles around the coast of Scotland in memory of her late husband, Tom Isaacs, President & Co-Founder of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust.Read more

Anti-diabetic Drugs and Their Exciting Potential in Parkinson's

Metabolism and energy production in cells are the central links between type II diabetes and Parkinson’s, and common to both these conditions are mitochondrial dysfunction and insulin resistance...Read more

From Genetics to Clinic

Evolving genetic discoveries in Parkinson's into trials for disease modifying treatments...Read more

One Year On...

Co-founder of The Cure Parkinson's Trust, Tom Isaacs, died suddenly on May 31st 2017. One year on we remember Tom's vision and look to the future of the promising research that Tom was instrumental in bringing about.Read more

The Cure3 Exhibition

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust, in association with Bonhams and Artwise, is delighted to announce the second edition of Cure3, an acclaimed selling exhibition devised to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson’s research.Read more

The Tom Isaacs Award 2018

Nominations are invited for this annual award co-created by the Van Andel Research Institute and The Cure Parkinson's Trust in memory of Tom Isaacs.Read more

The Mike Tindall Celebrity Golf Classic 2018

For the second year, The Mike Tindall Celebrity Golf Classic has supported the research of The Cure Parkinson's Trust at the magnificent Brabazon Course, Belfry Golf Club on Friday 18th May...Read more

The 30th Anniversary Gulls' Eggs Luncheon

The 30th Anniversary Gulls’ Eggs Luncheon held on 15th May, at Merchant Taylors’ Hall, generously supported by headline sponsor CRUX Asset Management, has raised £125,000 (net) for The Cure Parkinson’s TrustRead more

Collaboration to Ensure Research Results are Shared

23 members of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) are working in collaboration to develop and launch a joint publication platform.Read more

Camaraderie and Collaboration

Helen Matthews, Deputy CEO, recently visited New York to meet with researchers and take part in the inspiring 'Unity Walk'...Read more

Mike Tindall Becomes a Patron of The Cure Parkinson's Trust

We are delighted that former England rugby captain, Mike Tindall, has become a patron of The Cure Parkinson's Trust.Read more

The Gut, The Brain and Parkinson's

There is a growing body of evidence which links Parkinson's to the gastrointestinal tract, opening potential new avenues for treatmentRead more

The Milken Institute Highlights Some Different Approaches to Funding Medical Research

Philanthropy accounts for only about 3 percent of total health R&D investment in the United States, but can have an outsized impact because it can be nimbly deployed to offset risk in early-stage research. In this report, we see that funding models for developing new treatments and potential cures are changing...Read more

Korean-based Pharma Advances Clinical Trial of SR-exenatide in Parkinson's

Korean-based Peptron recently obtained an exclusive worldwide license from the National Institute on Aging (NIA), a National Institutes of Health (NIH) center, covering the delivery and use of sustained-release (SR) exenatide in the treatment of Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative disorders.Read more

Stem Cell Therapies - Research Update

When diagnosed, people with Parkinson’s have often had the disease for years and have lost over half of the dopamine producing cells in their brain. Now scientists are searching for a way to replace these nerve cells.Read more