A collaboration between The Cure Parkinson's Trust(CPT) and Parkinson's UK to identify new treatments for Parkinson's has been awarded the inaugural BenevolentAI Award. This project will use BenevolentAI platform’s vast knowledge graph, containing over 1.3 billion meaningful bioscience relationships, to analyse and propose new therapy targets for Parkinson’s.

Ambitious targets have been set by CPT and Parkinson’s UK with the aim of identifying at least three currently available medicines that can be repurposed to address Parkinson’s and two brand-new ways to treat the disease (novel drug targets). If successful, it would mark a significant advance in the number of options and targets available for further investigation.

Dr. Jackie Hunter, CEO BenevolentBio commented: “If we are going to be able to make a breakthrough in Parkinson’s we’re going to need to take a different approach. Through this collaboration, we’re doing that by combining the charities’ extensive knowledge of the disease and our world leading knowledge graph platform. We’re extremely excited to see if over the next 12 months we’re able to identify new treatments that could reach patients rapidly.”

Dr. Richard Wyse, Director of Research and Development at CPT, added: “It is wonderful to have the opportunity to work with the skilled team at BenevolentAI and Parkinson’s UK to identify potential new treatments for Parkinson’s. At CPT we are dedicated to bringing new disease modifying treatments – including known drugs as well as novel compounds – into clinical trials as we leave no stone unturned in our hunt to find ways to slow, stop and reverse Parkinson’s. By harnessing the phenomenal technology capabilities at BenevolentAI, CPT and Parkinson’s UK have the opportunity to widen our search for better therapeutics, verify our findings, and initiate fast-track development.”

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Read the full press release at BenevolentAI here.