**We need your help**

As part of our work around measurement in Parkinson’s we have devised a rating scale to determine which of the myriad of apps and devices available to us, are most relevant to measure and track aspects and symptoms of Parkinson’s.  With the permission of Queensland University of Technology, we have adapted their MARS scale (Mobile Application Rating Scale) to use in this project. 

We are now seeking 10 'test pilots' with Parkinson’s to use their own smartphone or tablet to help us understand whether we have got the rating scale right and to understand what further adaptations we might need to make.

What would be involved:

In the first instance, we need 10 individuals to test the rating scale using a series of free apps that we have identified which might be relevant for measuring and tracking aspects of Parkinson’s. We will then require specific feedback on the rating scale which we will then incorporate into a second version of the scale. 

Then, we will need more volunteers to use and test a wide range of apps and devices, many of which you have suggested and others that we have identified, with the aim of creating a growing and evolving list of apps and devices that have been and will be tested and recommended by people with Parkinson’s to measure and track specific aspects of the condition.

Please get in touch with Helen now to enrol or to find out more on this fascinating project.