Helen Matthews, COO of The Cure Parkinsons Trust(CPT), and Israel Robledo, Patient Advocate of Parkinson's Movement(PM), joined the Partnering for Cures - Faster Cures conference as part of the AMRC team over two days in New York. This proved to be a productive symposium discussing everything from the importance of patient engagement to fast tracking therapies via greater access to data along with significant discussions about partnering. CPT and PM presented both our Linked Clinical Trials initiative and the Parkinson's Clinical Trials Charter to a huge audience of participants. 

We should think of patients as partners, not bystanders. Patients can tell us more about their disease or condition so it’s high time we listen to them to really understand their perspectives

Now in its 7th year, Partnering for Cures connects hundreds of decision-makers from across diseases who are motivated by the same mission – to reduce the time and cost of getting new therapies from discovery to patients. It arrives at an incredibly important time for medical research and for patients moving on from the traditional ways of working and beginning to forge new alliances to shape the landscape and make the voice of patients heard louder than ever before. The AMRC's Essential Partnership – a guide for charities collaborating with industry – really shows off the advances that charities like CPT are making. From new, innovative ways of funding, to working in consortia with industry and academia, we are investing to maximise the impact of our research. But this is only the start and we have some pretty big hurdles to jump.

** To read a very informative blog by Dr Andy Clempson (AMRC) about the CPT/AMRC trip to Faster Cures please click here.

  • Below - an artists whiteboards filled with notes and interpretations capturing great discussion from the many stakeholders involved.