The Gallery of Photos - 'Celebrating Tom' **

On 12th September, around 500 people joined Tom’s family, trustees and staff of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust along with friends, dignitaries and VIP's to celebrate the life and achievements of charity president and co-founder Tom Isaacs. With speeches by Parkinson’s advocates and Tom’s friends Bryn Williams and Vicki Dillon, the Rt Reverend Sir Richard Chartres, former Bishop of London and music by the Thomas White Singers ( Merchant Taylors' School), Cole Page and Mike Tindall, David Sangster along with Tom's old school friends 'Welly Pot Bellies' - the evening was poignant yet filled with joy and humour.

A film shown during the evening by incredible BBC documentary producer Jemima Harrison entitled “Tom in his own words” focused on the legacy Tom knew he had built. A video rendition of 'Perfect Day' featuring Parkinson’s advocates, charities, researchers, clinicians from all over the world expertly created by David Sangster not only celebrated Tom’s achievements but demonstrated so clearly the impact Tom and his vision has on the lives of so many.

Our mission has become ever more urgent – and delivering Tom’s vision is our absolute priority. An extraordinary man deserves an incredible legacy.

CPT’s focus for the next five years is to ensure that we develop more trials into potential cures for Parkinson’s, by securing funding for drugs prioritised by our international Linked Clinical Trials (LCT) Committee chaired by Professor Patrik Brundin - an initiative that Tom was passionate about. He firmly believed this programme would one day result in treatments to slow, stop or even reverse Parkinson’s.We are particularly proud that our LCT initiative has developed into a global programme which already has seven trials underway or completed. By taking drugs that are used in other disease areas and testing them in Parkinson’s, we aim to find treatments that will make an impact on people’s lives as soon as possible.

However, our committees are prioritising drugs for trial faster than we can secure funding. We have a number of studies that could start very soon. We need your help to fund these trials.

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The Old Merchant Taylors' (OMT) Commemoration Hockey Match

On Saturday 9th September, the OMT Hockey Club held a 'Tom Isaacs Memorial' event at the Merchant Taylors' School, Sandy Lodge in memory of Tom. The day of hockey celebrated Tom’s fantastic life and achievements and money raised was in aid of CPT.

The Tom Isaacs Memorial XI Hockey Team

CPT’s Lyndsey Isaacs and Helen Matthews, who were cheering on from the side lines with many of Tom’s OMT friends including Will Cook (Trustee) said:

With huge thanks to Dan and Benjii Hassell for bringing together such a top team of Hockey Veterans in aid of CPT. Magnificent fun…. and we won!

** Special thanks to Hannah Zeffert - Photography