The Cure Parkinson's Trust (CPT) is delighted to welcome Dr Simon Stott as the newly appointed Deputy Director of Research. Simon joins the team on 1st October 2018.

In addition to supporting Dr Richard Wyse (Director of Research) in progressing and expanding the Linked Clinical Trials initiative, Simon will also be responsible for coordinating the research grants programme and will be involved with science/research communication.

It was a very easy decision to make as the aims and goals of CPT are very much in line with my own. I also believe that this is a very exciting time for Parkinson's research, and I am extremely excited to be taking on a more proactive and impactful role.

Originally from New Zealand, Simon brings over 15 years of experience in the field of Parkinson's research to this new position - in both the academic and biotech sectors. During his career, he has authored/co-authored more than 25 scientific publications, has been involved in lab-based research as well as clinical studies, and his associations with world-class research groups has provided him with a wide international network of connections.

Simon also takes a very active role in patient engagement, regularly speaking to Parkinson's support groups and helping to raise awareness of the condition. In addition, he maintains the Science of Parkinson's website, where he goes beyond the headlines and explains the Parkinson's research that is currently being conducted in plain English that the general public will understand.

Simon has decided to step away from his academic career in order to dedicate himself fully to a more proactive role in finding new curative treatments for Parkinson's.