The Simvastatin trial (PD STAT) is now underway. This exciting study is directed by Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry (PUPSMD) and is supported by The Cure Parkinson’s Trust and the JP Moulton Trust.

198 people with Parkinson’s will participate in the trial at more than 20 centres around the country. If you would like more information about the trial please click here.

Dr Carroll, chief investigator for the study and consultant neurologist at PUPSMD said: “I am very excited about PD STAT. This will be the first study in The Cure Parkinsons’s Trust Linked Clinical Trials initiative and we are delighted to be able to provide this opportunity for our patients. This study will tell us whether Simvastatin has potential as a neuroprotective therapy in Parkinson’s and will also give us very valuable information about the best way to design trials like this – which is so important for us to be able to deliver research with the best chance of success.”

If you already take a statin, we would be very grateful if you would kindly take a moment to complete this survey.