It is often said that there is a lot of variability between people with Parkinson's, especially in terms of their symptoms. Now a UK-wide study involving over 2500 people recently diagnosed has identified four novel 'clusters' or groupings of people with Parkinson's based on their clinical features. These groups are:

1. fast symmetrical motor progression w/ poor olfaction & cognition
2. mild motor & non-motor disease w/ intermediate motor progression
3. severe motor disease, poor psych & sleep, intermediate motor progression
4. tremor-dominant, slow unilateral motor progression

The groups differed not only in their speed of disease progression, but also in their response to treatment with L-dopa. The results have important implications not only for our understanding of the disease pathology, but also for our thinking in regard to the stratification of participants in future clinical trials.

The report is open access: read more here.