(Above) Ex-NBA basketball champion, Brian Grant, sharing his tips for living well with Parkinson's

World Parkinson Congress (WPC), is the only Parkinson’s conference to draw together people with Parkinson’s, researchers and clinical experts, and took place in Portland, Oregon, USA from 20th to 23rd September 2016.

This year The Cure Parkinson's Trust and Parkinson's Movement (PM) were there in force (below) with a mini-studio to film the tips and tricks people with Parkinson's have adopted to help them live well with Parkinson’s. It is intended that these films will create a 'heritage' of advice from advocates living with the condition from around the world which will then be made available on our website.

The tips and tricks archive will not only be sourced at WPC. We are asking everyone who has their special tip or trick about any aspect of living with Parkinson’s to get involved! Please click here - #TipsAndTricksWPC. What have you found which makes a real difference to you – a quick daily exercise routine, a neat solution you’ve found for dealing with sleep problems, a simple change in your diet or medication regime that has made a difference and helped with your symptoms? Please take part by either sharing your tips and tricks or if you've attended WPC and missed our stand please contact Leah

Speaker programme

This year our PM advocates were involved in 26 different sessions, as chair, speaker, panellist or presenter throughout the conference.

Dr Jon Stamford – neuroscientist living with Parkinson’s and director/co-founder of Parkinson’s Movement

Israel Robledo - graduate of the inaugural PDF Clinical Research Learning Institute, founder of Parkinson's Outreach to help PwP pay for their health costs. 'Milly Kondracke Award' winner for outstanding advocacy

Steve DeWitte - founder of the Connecticut Advocates for Parkinson’s (CAP) with over 100 active constituents. His clinical trials recruitment drive is inspirational!

Soania Mathur - a family physician, a dedicated speaker, writer, educator and Parkinson's advocate and the founder of Designing A Cure Inc.

Tom Isaacs – Parkinson’s advocate and founder of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust

Eros Bresolin – film maker, web designer and musician living with Parkinson’s who will be our cameraman and editor

David Sangster – founder of The Young Parkinson's Network, an online and supportive community of 'working age' people living with Parkinson's

David Jones – marketing consultant and adviser to the pharmaceutical industry and a Parkinson's advocate

Emma Lawton – author of 'Dropping the P Bomb' who recorded her WPC experiences with her fun cartoon sketches (follow Emma on Twitter - #shakysketchnotes):

And lastly, (but not least), Tom Isaacs singing on stage at the closing ceremony...!