This is Parkinson's features photos of people younger than 50 who have young onset Parkinson’s disease. The exhibit is the work of Norwegian photographer Anders M. Leines, who set out to showcase a more accurate portrayal of people with the disease following his Parkinson’s diagnosis six years ago.

The most common perception of people with Parkinson’s is that of an older person with tremors and a stooped posture, a stereotype reinforced by a commonly used medical illustration from the late 1800s. However, the image does not reflect reality, Leines said.

“I hope to empower the Parkinson’s community and move the field higher up on political and public agendas; this way, patients can hold their heads up, advocates can become inspired and collectively we can re-envision negative depictions of Parkinson’s while giving the dull image of Parkinson’s a serious overhaul,” Leines said.