23rd Day of Advent

In November, our research update meeting included a presentation of the Bydureon trial and the next steps by Dr Dilan Athauda and a round up of our current Parkinson's research by Dr Simon Stott...Read more

22nd Day of Advent

This year there have been some pretty tough challenges taken on by our wonderful individual fundraisers...Read more

21st Day of Advent

The Cure Parkinson's Trust held an evening of fun and laughter at the Comedy Quiz Night in November...Read more

20th Day of Advent

In October, we announced that the Simvastatin trial was underway following a successful recruitment of trial participants. This coincided with the publication of the Simvastatin paper in the Journal of Parkinson's Disease...Read more

19th Day of Advent

This year we have witnessed the most tremendous response to the loss of our Co-founder and President Tom Isaacs. Here we look back over some of the commemorations...Read more

18th Day of Advent

This year has seen two of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust supporters fundraise in style for their 70th Birthday’s.Read more

17th Day of Advent

In September, our Linked Clinical Trials committee met for the sixth year running - a collaborative meeting of many of the world's leading Parkinson's authorities, to discuss fast tracking potential drugs for repurposing in Parkinson's ...Read more

16th Day of Advent

This year has seen CPT supporters take on some truly spectacular cycle challenges to fundraise for us. Here are some of their stories.Read more

15th Day of Advent

In July, we announced the news of the Australian research group awarded a research grant from CPT under our International Linked Clinical Trials initiative.Read more

14th Day of Advent

This year, two of our corporate partners Cambridge Cognition and Psigma Foundation have each taken on numerous fundraising activities in support of CPT...Read more

13th Day of Advent

We have loved being part of so many fantastic challenge events this year, cheering on all our amazing supporters who have taken part for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust. Here’s a pick of the main challenges from this year...Read more

12th Day of Advent

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust was delighted to have been chosen as one of the beneficiary charities for the Mike Tindall Celebrity Golf Classic in May...Read more

11th Day of Advent

In August the keenly awaited Bydureon results were published. GLP-1 agonists have been of interest to CPT for some years and with Prof. Tom Foltynie we supported and designed the first study of exenatide in people with Parkinson’s which then provided the pivotal groundwork for this more recent trial...Read more

10th Day of Advent

The Cure Parkinson's Trust was delighted to be the beneficiary charity for both the Gulls' Eggs and Grouse and Grape Luncheons this year...Read more

9th Day of Advent

Celebrating collaboration - the Nilotinib repurposing trial was announced in July...Read more

8th Day of Advent

Back in May the entire CPT fundraising team took on 11 miles of mud, obstacles and team work at the Tough Mudder Challenge.Read more

7th Day of Advent

Throughout the year we have seen individuals, communities and corporate partners support us with some beautiful and different floral forms and events. Here they are…Read more

6th Day of Advent

This year we have seen individual fundraisers take on all sorts of interesting and challenging fundraising activities in support of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust. We’ll be looking back on your amazing achievements over the year, so here’s a few to start us off...Read more

5th Day of Advent

In April we announced CPT supporter David Sangster as the winner of our 2016 Alex Flynn Award...Read more

4th Day of Advent

In March, we opened the Cure3 exhibition...Read more

3rd Day of Advent

In April, CPT was proud to be chosen as one of four beneficiaries of the famed British & Irish Lions dinners which was held in Edinburgh ...Read more

2nd Day of Advent...

In March, we were the beneficiary charity of the BBC Lifeline Appeal featuring former Scotland Rugby Captain Gavin Hastings and his wife, Diane.Read more

1st Day of Advent...

Listen to our late Co-founder Tom Isaacs sing his version of 'The First Day of Christmas...' - his humorous take on those meds !Read more