**Webinar** - Sleep and Parkinson’s Disease

Join the fourth instalment of our quarterly Parkinson’s webinar series in partnership with Journal of Parkinson’s Disease and Parkinson’s Movement as we discuss the topic ‘Sleep and Parkinson’s Disease’.Read more

The European Journal of Neuroscience - Special 'Tom Isaacs' Edition

This Special Issue of the European Journal of Neuroscience has been put together by NECTAR (the Network for European CNS Transplantation & Restoration) in collaboration with The Cure Parkinson's Trust in memory of the late Tom Isaacs who sadly passed away suddenly in May 2017.Read more

Best-selling author Joanna Trollope, OBE becomes a Patron of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (CPT) is thrilled to announce the best-selling author Joanna Trollope as a new Patron.Read more

Liver Drug UDCA to be Trialled in People with Parkinson's

A drug used to treat liver disease is being trialled in people with Parkinson's...Read more

Australian Government Invests in Innovative Genomic Testing in Linked Clinical Trials Programme

It was announced today that the Australian Parkinson’s Mission, an innovative international collaborative programme combining clinical trials with genomics research for people with Parkinson’s, has received A$30 million in Government funding.Read more

Follow-Up Study Suggests Potential Measure of Target Engagement

In this exciting study, Professor Tom Foltynie and colleagues have analysed 'exosomes' - small brain cell-derived sacks or 'vesicles' - in follow-up research from the recent Exenatide study and funded by CPT...Read more

Lord-Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, Robert Voss CBE, becomes a Patron of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust

The Cure Parkinson's Trust announces The Lord-Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, Robert Voss CBE, as a new PatronRead more

2018 Review

2018 was a tremendous year for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust supported research. In particular, we continued to make considerable progress with our programme of clinical trials...Read more

The Parkinson's Academy - masterclasses for researchers

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust in collaboration with the Parkinson’s Academy hosted a meeting in December dedicated to Research Engagement and Involvement...Read more

The Journal of Parkinson's Disease: A Shared Vision on What the Future Holds

The Journal of Parkinson’s Disease has published a freely accessible special issue in which key opinion leaders write about the future of potential disease modifying treatments and symptomatic therapies...Read more

Billy Connolly speaks out about his Parkinson’s in BBC documentary

It is fantastic that Sir Billy Connolly has spoken out about his Parkinson’s in BBC documentary ‘Made in Scotland’ generating much needed awareness of the condition.Read more

Dopamine Neurons That Are Resistant to Parkinson's?

Scientists at the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine (University of Edinburgh) led by Dr Tilo Kunath have taken a key step towards improving an emerging class of treatments for Parkinson’s. The advance could markedly improve a next generation of therapies for the condition...Read more

Our most successful year yet: Cure3 raises half a million pounds

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust, Artwise and Bonhams are delighted to announce the sum of half a million pounds raised thus far this year by the 2018 Cure3 Exhibition.Read more

Inosine Trial to End Early

Researchers at the Michael J Fox Foundation recently announced that SURE-PD3, a Phase III clinical trial evaluating the potential of Inosine to slow Parkinson's progression, will end earlier than planned...Read more

**Webinar** - Targeting the Genetics of Parkinson's

In this third in our collaborative webinar series with the Journal of Parkinson's and Parkinson's Movement, Professor Patrik Brundin, Dr Gaurav Gupta, Dr Ziv Gan-or Dr Roy Alcalay, Jonathon Silverstein and Ben Stecher discuss the genetics of Parkinson's...Read more

New Sub-types of Parkinson's Proposed

A UK-wide study involving over 2500 people with recently diagnosed Parkinson's has identified four novel 'clusters' or groupings based on their clinical features.Read more

A Vaccine for Parkinson's - Developments in Immunotherapy

When misfolded, the protein alpha-synuclein becomes toxic to neurons and is a key pathological culprit in Parkinson’s. It is therefore an important target for disease-modification. Immunotherapy in Parkinson's attempts to use immune cells, and specifically the antibodies they generate, to target misfolded alpha-synuclein to inactivate it.Read more

The SPHERE Parkinson's Measuring Project

An innovative Parkinson's measurement and monitoring project using wearable health apps and sensors set up in a home environment is being developed at the University of Bristol.Read more

The Power of the Parkinson’s Patient According to Tom Isaacs - By Soania Mathur

Soania Mathur was, like former President of CPT Tom Isaacs, diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's at just 27. For Soania, Tom’s core principles of supporting people with Parkinson’s in becoming active participants in the search for better treatments, key to finding a cure.Read more

The Cancer Enzyme Involved in Parkinson's

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have published a research report that points not only towards a specific pathway of neurodegeneration for Parkinson's, but also highlights a therapeutic target for which clinically-approved drugs are already available.Read more

'Cooling' Inflamed Brains in Parkinson's

When cells in the body become unwell or injured, they release proteins that inform the body of their stricken situation. These activate the release of further signalling proteins called inflammasomes...Read more