Herantis Pharma begins Recruitment for CDNF Trial

Recruitment has begun for the novel drug candidate CDNF for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's. It is a protein present in the body's circulatory system with neuroprotective and neurorestorative properties and is patented internationally by Herantis.Read more

Four New People join The Cure Parkinson's Trust

The Cure Parkinson's Trust is delighted to welcome four new members to the team...Read more

Adaptive Clinical Trials

The purpose of an adaptive design is to make trials more flexible, efficient and fast for those in need of new treatments for conditions with no cure. In an adaptive clinical trial, researchers can add in new drugs or combinations of therapies in response to a patient's improved or deteriorating condition.This area of trial design is of particular interest to CPT.Read more

An Interview with Professor Patrik Brundin

Ben Stecher interviews Professor Patrik Brundin - lead at the Center for Neurodegenerative Science at Van Andel Research Institute and co-editor of the Journal of Parkinson's Disease.Read more

David 'Kid' Jensen Talks about Giving Hope and Helping Others with Parkinson's

Broadcasting legend David 'Kid' Jensen has been living with Parkinson's for five years. He has now chosen to speak out about his diagnosis and his thoughts of the future...Read more

Identifying Treatments for Parkinson’s Using Patient-derived Induced Neurons

The Trustees of CPT have approved funding for this exciting new technique which uses a person with Parkinson's own skin cells to grow neurons affected by their particular type of this disease to then treat with certain drugs.Read more

The Parkinson's 'Pandemic'

With an aging and increasing population, the number of people diagnosed with Parkinson's is increasing exponentially. The recent report by Dr Ray Dorsey and Professor Bastian Bloem reinforces the newly published figures from Parkinson's UK...Read more

Diabetes drug (Bydureon) Showed Potential as Disease-modifying Therapy for Parkinson's: More Research Needed

At a recent meeting, hosted by The Cure Parkinson's Trust, attendees discussed the impact of the recently published Bydureon trial, related research and the next steps needed for GLP-1 agonists in Parkinson's.Read more

AMRC Drug Repurposing Report Published

The Cure Parkinson's Trust's Dr Joy Duffen is very pleased to be involved in the generation of the recent AMRC drug repurposing report and continues to keep in touch with its progress and how best to support drugs for repurposing in the future...Read more

Small Molecule Drug Offers Neuroprotection with Promise for PD

An international team of researchers has shown that a new small-molecule drug can restore brain function and memory in pre-clinical models of Alzheimer's disease. The drug works by stopping toxic ion flow in the brain that is known to trigger nerve cell death. Scientists envisage that this drug could also be used to treat Parkinson's.Read more

Stem Cell Therapies - Research Update

When diagnosed, people with Parkinson’s have often had the disease for years and have lost over half of the dopamine producing cells in their brain. Now scientists are searching for a way to replace these nerve cells.Read more

Synpromics collaboration with UCL in gene therapy for Parkinson’s

Synpromics Ltd is pleased to announce a new collaboration with UCL to generate a range of synthetic gene promoters for the central nervous system to develop a gene therapy for Parkinson’s.Read more


Please get behind CPT and commit to help raise funds this #GivingTuesday...Read more

'Voyager' Recruits Patients for Gene Therapy Delivery

Voyager Therapeutics announced it is recruiting participants for the company’s new Phase 1 clinical trial to test a new approach for their gene therapy VY-AADC01 in Parkinson’s patients.Read more

Research Update Meeting - November 2017

Our Research Update Meeting took place in November - read more here...Read more

Nilotinib Trial Recruitment Underway

Recruitment will open on an ongoing basis at a maximum of 25 clinical sites across the United States.Read more

'Battle of the Banter' for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust

A crack team of comedians including Tim Vine, Alan Davies, Tony Hawks and Arthur Smith came together last night in an evening of fun and laughter to help raise vital funds for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust.Read more

The Cure Parkinson's Trust appoints a New CEO

The Cure Parkinson's Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of its new CEO.Read more

The Annual 'Ricky Road Run' - what a great day!

Over 160 supporters of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (CPT) came together on a beautiful autumn day in October to participate in the annual 'Ricky Road Run' in tribute to the charity’s late President and Co-founder Tom Isaacs who died suddenly in May this year.Read more

The Tom Isaacs Charity Golf Day at Denham Golf Club

The Tom Isaacs Charity Golf Day at Denham Golf Club took place on Thursday 19th October and saw a record number of 78 players enjoying a round of golf in memory of CPT’s late Co-founder and President, Tom Isaacs.Read more