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The Cure Parkinson's Trust is committed to developing new treatments to slow, stop, or reverse Parkinson's (PD).  We have developed an exciting initiative - the Linked Clinical Trials programme (LCT) - to help us understand more about treatments being used in other disease areas, with the potential to be re-purposed for effective treatments in Parkinson’s. The LCT programme means we can move these drugs/treatments much more quickly through regulation into the clinic.

The Linked Clinical Trials initiative already has momentum.  There are now over 30 drugs prioritised, with 17 already in or about to go in to clinical trial.

Our goal for the next five years is to ensure we can commit more therapies to trial to create new, effective treatments for people living with Parkinson’s.

Please donate today to support our LCT initiative and help us to slow, stop or reverse Parkinson’s!