Find out in their own words how they got on conquering the 3 highest mountains in the UK, and raised a brilliant £10,752.50 along the way!

When I hear “Welcome to Scotland” a picture is painted in my mind of purple heather covered mountains beneath blue skies. This romantic notion was replaced by the harsh reality of 40mph winds, black skies and driving rain as we arrived at Ben Nevis on Friday, to begin the first leg of our 3 Peaks Challenge.  Within a couple of hours of setting off we were soaked through, my iPhone had perished and we understood that this would be every bit as gruelling a challenge as we had feared. 

Ben Nevis was tough.  The highest and longest trail of the challenge, we walked up into high-winds and down by compass and torch-light, careful of our footing.  Four hours sleep in our van followed, trying to dry some clothes before arriving at Scafell Pike at dawn.  This was the steepest ascent, again into driving rain.  It required far more use of our hands to scale rocks than I had imagined, making it treacherous on the way down.  

We were able to grab a bit of sleep on the journey to North Wales before arriving at Snowden in the early pm, and finally, to some clement weather.  This was the easiest of the 3 peaks, though it didn’t feel so for our drenched and tired bodies.  The amazing views sustained us (along with my 10 litres of water, dozen cereal bars and 20 Nurofen!) and we eventually we made it down for an aggregate hike time of 14 hours (on schedule for 24hours overall, though we ultimately missed that time because of some traffic and the necessity of changing clothes at the beginning and end of every climb!).  Our pain on the finish line was offset by a modest sense of pride in our accomplishment. 

Our team of Ben, David, Nicola, Oliver, PDog, Rasheed, Yujin and Stewart did a great job in planning and were generous enough to add a few extra stops on the climbs for my benefit.

 I want to really thank all of you for supporting us and the Cure Parkinson's Trust with your sponsorship. Thank you.

Pratheeba, Chalkhill Partners LLP