Pounding up and down my family pool in South Africa where I grew up was second nature to me. That was what I did and still do.for relaxation and exercise. I was a water baby as are my children so it seems inevitable that I should put my passion to good use. BUT the frigid temperatures of the English Channel and its congested shipping lanes offer more of a test than a young girl's dreams…However with sustained support from my family and friends I decided to "go for it" and train for the swim of my life.

I am in a relay with two special friends and we have all chosen a different charity to support. But which one of the hundreds should I chose? Fortuitously being a physiotherapist I happened to be treating a patient with PD and as our professional relationship developed I recognised in her the same grit , determination and passion that made me take on this monumental task. Her enthusiasm for CPT was infectious and now I too have caught the bug!

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