My Father is a keen outdoors-man who has been hiking, cross-country skiing and generally very active since he was a child. He loves nothing better than to spend time in nature, in his beloved mountains of Norway. Some 6-7 years ago he was unfortunately diagnosed with Parkinsons and in the past year or two this has forced him to give up skiing, and has reduced his ability to enjoy the outdoors as he used to. I will always remember the hiking that we did together, mostly when I was a youngster. He taught me many things about spending time in the wild-both in terms of precautions and tips on how to look after yourself when you have only yourself to rely on. He taught me how to read a map and use a compass, he has always been unwavering in his support of me-which I have increasingly come to appreciate as I have become an adult myself. My mother is his rock-and their combined wisdom and generosity has provided me with a compass in a wider sense that I have always found useful in whatever I have done in my life. I have taken a break from my career this summer, in order to recharge my own batteries and to spend time with those that I normally do not have enough time for! During this period of not working, I have decided to take up the challenge of walking the Way of St. James or El Camino de Santiago which starts in St. Jean Pied de Port, France and ends in Santiago, Spain-although I will attempt to continue to Fisterra on the coast some 115kms past Santiago where traditionally pilgrims would end up. This is a distance of some 900kms and will take around 6 weeks. I would like to dedicate this challenge to my Father, and hopefully he will agree with me that a very long hike indeed is a fitting tribute to a man such as him! I hope you will feel able to make a donation of some sort-and all the funds will go to The Cure Parkinsons Trust directly in support of their cause and all sufferers of this condition. Many thanks, Christer Anonymised User