Vikingarännet is an annual event that takes place on the ice of Mälaren. The race is 80km and is the worlds longest annual skating race on natural ice. It runs between Uppsala and Stockholm, along an old viking route. The race began in 1999 and has cleared tracks, service and support along the route and safe ice - which makes Vikingarännet a pretty special skating race.

This year, the race took place on the 14th February and 1600 participants started, with over 1500 finishing. Amongst those were Rebecca and David Knutsson - who were skating to raise money for The Cure Parkinson's Trust! Rebecca believes she may have been the only Brit to have taken part in the full distance of this distinctly home-grown endeavour! 

"Vikingarännet was truly spectacular in so many ways. Beautiful, inspiring and full of enthusiasm! Parts of the race were really tough, especially lengths where the wind was against us at -4c. We both felt really emotional and so proud of ourselves crossing the finish line after 6hrs. What kept us going was the knowledge of knowing we were raising money for such a great cause, close to our hearts and to many others. I hope this inspires people to get out and fund raise in unique and wonderful ways."

- Rebecca Knutsson