Supporter John Duncan was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009. For his mile-stone 80th Birthday he decided to fundraise for The Cure Parkinson's Trust (CPT). He worked tirelessly and it paid off! In total John raised an incredible £6,000 and we couldn’t be prouder.

 John tells his story below…

"I decided to ask my family, friends and anyone else who would listen, not to give me presents on my 80th birthday on 20th April.  Instead I suggested that they make a charitable donation. Presents of bottles of whisky or wine would have been very nice but I would only drink them! Instead, if people felt so inclined, donations to The Cure Parkinson’s Trust would be of lasting value and would help to bring a cure that much closer although perhaps not in my lifetime.

Apart from nudging friends & family, I sent emails to well over 100 of my other contacts from my working, sporting and social life. My wife, Helen, and I posted on a variety of Facebook pages and I sent press releases to my local Islington & Hackney media, to City Editors and also to newspapers and broadcasters in my native Sussex.

Happily and appropriately, perhaps, more than 80 people donated a total of £6,000 mainly through Just Giving. Contributions ranged between £10 and £500, eight of them were for £80! Apart from the UK, funds came as well from America, South Africa, Spain & Sweden.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease on 1st July 2009. I help with research, mainly at Queen Square, whenever I can and having previously raised funds for another Parkinson’s charity I was very keen to raise funds that would be dedicated specifically to finding a cure.

I am eternally grateful to so many people for their generosity but it was a surprise to find the experience such an emotional one; often because some of the messages with the donations were very kind indeed. When a complete stranger says that what you are doing has touched her heart, it is, to say the very least, extremely moving. And makes the effort, determination and time worth even more than just the money that was raised."

Birthdays and other celebrations are a brilliant way to support CPT's pioneering Parkinson's research. To learn more or to start fundraising please contact Grace.