The Cure Parkinson's Trusts does not fund research into treatments that only manage the symptoms of Parkinson's - we aim to change the condition for good.

By supporting us with a major gift either as an individual or through your Trust or Foundation, you can help us find ways to slow, stop and reverse Parkinson's.

Find out about some of the projects our major donors are already involved with:


Keeping in touch - our promise to you

If you choose to support us with a major gift, we promise that we will provide regular updates about our work and how your donation has helped us move forward. In addition, we will if possible offer you the opportunity to visit the scientists in their labs. You will also be invited to research update meetings and other key events to hear, first hand, how our work is progressing.

An investment to change the lives of those living with Parkinson's

By supporting us you will help to find a cure for Parkinson's faster. For the many people living with Parkinson's and their family and friends, we don't have time to wait - we must act NOW.

Please contact Theresa Samworth on 0207 487 3892 or 07769 171924 or send an email to Theresa to find out how you can make a difference to our work.