A huge thank you to Michael Judkins (pictured above: front, center right) who is raising funds for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (CPT) through the sale of his ‘Float Like a Butterfly’ album - a musical project celebrating the life, career and associated times of the late and legendary Muhammad Ali. Michael said:

“I decided some years ago to learn the guitar and after getting to know the basics, embarked on the untested idea of composing, which had always been the ultimate goal. A song collection charting the life and associated times of the late and legendary Muhammad Ali soon followed. Why Muhammad Ali? ‘Float like a Butterfly’ began from the desire to find a subject with enough songs to fill an album. Ali’s career, his associations, and the many different aspects to his life than simply being a revered boxing champion, provided a worthy topic from which to create what hopefully comes across as a unique project. It also reflects on the exciting years of the 1960s and 1970s, when so much was changing, not least in the US where the civil rights movement and Vietnam war loomed large.

Ali’s passing in June 2016, with the recording of ‘Float Like a Butterfly’ in its final stages, led me to conclude that my tribute to such a philanthropic man should not be seen as a commercial venture but rather a means to support, so far as possible, good causes which Ali himself might have espoused. Hence my current commitment to The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (CPT).

Sadly, Ali developed Parkinson's disease soon after his retirement from boxing. His children are now very active in raising support, and are important advocates in generating awareness of the disease, and the ongoing work towards treating it. Supporting CPT seemed a great if not obvious fundraising choice for the album, given the charity’s commitment and impressive record in funding research focussed on ways of slowing, stopping or reversing the effects of Parkinson’s. I would like as many people as possible to hear ‘Float like a Butterfly’ but equally if not more importantly to consider supporting CPT through making a modest donation via my dedicated fundraising page.”

To read more of Michael’s story or to support his fundraising please visit the Float like a Butterfly website.