On 4th June, Lyndsey Isaacs set off with close friend Hanya Chlala and Lyndsey's black lab Indi, to walk 200 miles around the coast of Scotland in memory of her husband, Tom Isaacs, President & Co-Founder of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (CPT) who died in May last year, to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson's.

Tom lived with Parkinson’s for 23 years, and in 2002-2003 completed a walk around the entire coastline of Britain to raise much needed funds for research – he named his walk ‘Coastin’ and later wrote a book about his adventures ~ 'Shake Well Before Use'. Lyndsey and her team are hoping to raise £10,000 for CPT’s pioneering research through their walk and have named their adventure ‘4 Feet 4 Paws 4 Parkinson’s’.

Tom passed away suddenly on May 31st last year aged 49, but his incredible optimism, vision and drive towards a cure are still very much at the heart of CPT’s philosophy. Lyndsey said:

“Myself and Hanya, a close friend to Tom and I, knew we wanted to continue to raise funds and support CPT, the charity which meant so much to Tom. Tom and I met when he was about to set off on his Coastin’ walk, and this feels like the right way to remember him. I’m looking forward to walking the route he took back in 2002, and seeing the beautiful places in Scotland that we didn’t see together the first time round.”

Lyndsey and Indi in training for their coastal walk

Lyndsey, Hanya and Indi set off from Leven to walk the scenic Fife Coastal Path to Dundee. Here along with CPT’s deputy CEO Helen Matthews, the team paused to visit the Parkinson’s research team at Dundee University's School of Life Sciences. Last year, scientists identified the structure of a key enzyme that protects the brain against Parkinson’s, the culmination of a decade of work, while in April a new partnership was announced that will see experts from Dundee team up with counterparts from Edinburgh University. The Dundee-Edinburgh Parkinson’s Research Initiative aims to probe the causes of the disease and translate scientific discoveries into new therapies.

Welcoming Lyndsey to the School’s Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit (MRC-PPU), Dr Miratul Muqit, Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Fellow and Consultant Neurologist, said that such visits were hugely motivational for staff.

"The Cure Parkinson’s Trust is very supportive of the work that we are carrying out here at the School of Life Sciences,” he said. “Tom was a big supporter of using scientific research to find a cure for Parkinson’s and his passing has been a big loss to the research community. Here at Dundee we are using cutting-edge techniques to learn more about this disease and we have already taken significant strides of our own. Lyndsey’s walk is inspiring for all of the staff here and helps to reinforce our determination to find new treatments for Parkinson’s.”

The second leg of the walk took them from Fraserburgh to Findhorn, passing through Banff, Lossiemouth and other scenic spots along the way. They will conclude their challenge on June 16th with a visit to Kearvaig Bay, Tom’s most favourite place on his Coastin’ walk.

Day 1: Lyndsey, Indi and Hanya setting off from Leven Links Golf Course 

The beautiful views from the Fife coastal path as team '4 Feet 4 Paws 4 Parkinson's' begin their fundraising venture. 

You can read more about Lyndsey, Hanya and Indi’s story and follow their fundraising adventure on their '4 Feet 4 Paws 4 Parkinson’s' Instagram or Facebook page. To support Lyndsey in her fundraising challenge please visit her fundraising page.