Last week the large pharmaceutical company Bayer announced they will be buying the biotech firm 'BlueRock Therapeutics'. This move may have important implications for the Parkinson's community.

Parkinson's is characterised by the loss of dopamine neurons in the brain and for a long time scientists have been researching different methods of re-introducing these cells into the brain. One example of this is The Cure Parkinson's Trust supported TRANSEURO study.

Stem cell-derived approaches are considered the most viable means of producing enough dopamine neurons for cell replacement therapy for Parkinson's. BlueRock Therapeutics is considered a leader in the field of stem cell-derived cell transplantation for Parkinson's. They are using protocols developed by Professor Lorenz Studer and his lab - members of Professor Studer's team joined CPT at our recent Stem Cell Meeting in Cambridge in April this year

Bayer and BlueRock Therapeutics are hoping to start clinical trials for cell transplantation in Parkinson's this year. The purchase of BlueRock by Bayer is viewed as a major vote of confidence that the science behind stem cell-derived dopamine neuron replacement therapy has finally reached maturity and is now ready for prime time!