Linked Clinical Trials September 2017

At the end of September, The Cure Parkinson's Trust (CPT) hosted the sixth Linked Clinical Trials (LCT) conference - an inspiring meeting identifying possible new ways to slow, stop and even reverse Parkinson’s, generously hosted by the Van Andel Research Institute(VARI), and chaired by the institute’s Professor Patrik Brundin, Chairman of the LCT committee.

Twenty-one different treatment options were discussed, each with the potential to change the underlying disease processes. Some of the drugs discussed had general or non-specific actions, others were targeted with defined ways of measuring engagement in the brain.

Dossiers of each drug discussed were compiled by CPT’s director of research & development, Dr Richard Wyse. Included were three drugs where promising new findings have been published in recent weeks, including Salbutamol, Trazodone. Also discussed were UDCA, Alogliptin and Nortriptyline 

For the first time, the ‘in person’ committee comprising Flint Beal, Patrik Brundin, Ted Dawson, Tom Foltynie, Karl Kieburtz, Michael Schwarzchild, David Simon, Carlie Tanner and David Sulzer discussed a non-drug intervention that had been recommended by committee member Mark Mattson. ‘Intermittent fasting’ provoked considerable scientific debate and discussion from Parkinson’s advocates who attended the meeting.

The meeting also discussed progress with the LCT programme as a whole, and the potential impact of the recent exenatide results, which had been prioritised by the committee in 2012. The committee fully supported ensuring a phase III trial of exenatide becomes underway as soon as possible and the GLP-1 trials of Liraglutide and Lixisenatide are underway.

With considerable thanks to the LCT Committee and all the participants of this year’s meeting including MJFF, PUK, PDF, Parkinson’s Alliance and Parkinson’s Movement advocates.

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