Scientists at Dundee University have partnered with the Korean-based Bukwang Pharmaceutical Company in an effort to develop a drug which blocks an enzyme called USP8 - the enzyme prevents the natural breakdown of the toxic protein alpha-synuclein, a known contributory factor in Parkinson's.  

Working with Dr George Tofaris, at Oxford University, the drug development unit at Dundee University has identified a series of drug-like molecules which block USP8 and so could potentially offer a cure for the disease.

Bukwang will run a three year programme of work at Dundee University and Oxford University to work on a medication to halt the creation of USP8.

This is a new class of treatments for Parkinson's. This exciting collaboration will focus on blocking an enzyme called USP8. In doing so, the researchers hope to reduce the levels of alpha-synuclein in the brains of people with Parkinson's.