**Update** 6th November**

The Off-patent Drugs Bill was today (6 November 2015) debated in Parliament, having been proposed for a second reading by Nick Thomas-Symonds MP.

Despite receiving widespread cross-party support in an impassioned debate, the Bill did not go to a vote - and will not progress - as a result of the Government withholding its support. Following today’s outcome, the Off-patent Drugs Bill remains on the order paper, should the Government decide to rethink their decision.

The Bill had widespread support across the medical community and from thousands of members of the public, and – in the absence of any serious alternative – many charities including CPT felt that it was the best option available to ensure fair, routine access to treatments across a range of medical conditions including possible treatments for Parkinson's(PD).

Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Now, said: “The Minister claimed in his speech that the Government has been pursuing a non-legislative solution to the issue of off-patent drugs. We will be watching closely, and strongly urge the Government to honour this commitment.”

CPT have rightly been supportive of this Bill and the Breast Cancer Now campaign. We will learn from it and it will help when we face the pleasant task of having a drug that fills the need for PD.

Previously Posted: 2nd November 2015

We have joined forces with Breast Cancer Now and other charities/trusts to lobby parliament for the Off-patent Drugs Bill. This will ensure a duty of the government to step in and act in the public interest, when pharmaceutical companies have no commercial interest to do so, to licence and approve off-patent drugs for use in the NHS. This is of particular interest to CPT and our Linked Clinical Trials initiative.

Please ask your MP to back the Bill on the 6th November - without 100 names registered, the Bill will not be passed through parliament.

Please watch the 'Breast Cancer Now' information video :