The Cure Parkinson's Trust is pleased that the Scottish Medical Council has approved the prescribing of the drug, Duodopa, for advanced Parkinson's (PD) and for use when other PD medicines do not work effectively.

Duodopa gel is intended for long term continuous intestinal administration via a portable pump directly into the duodenum or upper jejunum.  The medication is given throughout the day, which allows a constant amount to be administered into the bloodstream reducing medication fluctuations and potentially improving day to day quality of life. 

CPT was pleased to be able to campaign on behalf of people with Parkinson's to ensure that all treatments that are approved for use in Parkinson's are available as needed."

Helen Matthews, COO The Cure Parkinson's Trust

An evaluation process was held involving patients, patient groups and clinical specialists (including The Cure Parkinson's Trust) which considered the added value of Duodopa intestinal gel, as an orphan medicine, in the context of treatments currently available in NHS Scotland. As with the previous campaign for Duodopa's use in England's NHS, the benefits of using this drug, where symptoms are so varied, were presented to the consortium and after lengthy consideration approval was granted.  

Further information can be found on the Scottish Medicine Consortium website.

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