(pictured above: Hanya, Lyndsey and Indi)

Lyndsey Isaacs, her black Labrador Indi and close friend Hanya Chlala have completed a 200 mile walk around the coast of Scotland. Naming their team ‘4Feet 4Paw’s 4Parkinson’s’, the trio took on this incredible two-week challenge in memory of Tom Isaacs, taking inspiration from his epic walk around the entire coastline of Britain in 2002-2003. They also raised funds and awareness for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust, and have so far raised over £10,000. Support for Lyndsey and her team was clear as they were joined by numerous friends of CPT throughout the walk, including Scottish rugby legend Gavin Hastings, and were touched by the incredible kindness of strangers along the way.

Bright and early on June 4th, Lyndsey Hanya and Indi set off from Leven Links Golf Club to embark upon their own ‘Coastin’’ journey, which would see them wading through the ‘haar’, taking on tricky tidal crossings, meeting an array of ‘coastal characters’ and coming face-to-face with storm Hector. Here is Lyndsey’s account of the two-week adventure:

"What an adventure 4 Feet 4Paws 4Parkinson’s turned out to be, and we were (mostly) blessed with amazing weather. The first week on the Fife Coastal Path took all three of our bodies a good few days to adjust to the daily walking mileage. Hanya had to overcome her fear of heights and narrow ledges, and huge blisters. Indi scraped a pad and had to have some time out, and I ached all over every night.

It was brilliant to meet up with Gavin Hastings on route, as our path passed the 13th Green of the Kingsbarn’s Golf Course. Gavin, with his usual generosity, took time out from his golf game to say hello and pose for photos. He had primed his team about CPT and he helped us raise more money on route.

My favourite day that week was Friday’s 15 mile walk from Wormit Bay to Newburgh in the Scottish sunshine. We had a big group - Helen Matthews, CPT’s deputy CEO, came up from London, as did Hanya’s daughter Alexa and her friends Maddie and Libby. Two amazing CPT supporters living with Parkinson’s came North: Alison Anderson, a Dundee local but living in Cheltenham, (her wonderful dad Colin not only looked after Indi but ferried walkers too and fro), and John MacPhee from Perthshire. The route saw us scrambling along rocky beaches, clambering through barbed wire fences and fighting through waist high grasses to reach Newburgh!

We ended the day at Dundee University where the researchers and clinicians gave an excellent update on their work on Parkinson’s. Key to it all was the team’s collaboration with other research teams worldwide. The visit was followed by a fabulous tea party courtesy of the wonderful Vicki Dillon and her team with the Queen Bea vintage tea Caravan, who had travelled up from Hexham to support CPT.

On our day off, we drove two hours North to the Cairngorms Slochd Summit to meet Will Boyd-Wallis at the finish of his epic walk ‘Round the Park for Parkinson’s’. We walked the final mile of his walk with him and joined him with his family and friends for a second tea with Vicki and Queen Bea! 

The second week’s walking was more difficult as there was no official path until we reached Cullen. The weather also took a turn, and when Storm Hector hit we were walking into 50mph head winds!

This week we were joined for a day’s walking by the lovely Jenny Flemming and her boyfriend, Fraser. There was a wonderful synchronicity as Jenny’s mum and dad, Regine and Ken, run a B&B in Lincolnshire that Tom stayed in during Coastin’, back in 2002. We have kept in touch with the family and she heard about 4Feet 4Paws 4Parkinson’s. They came across from Kingussie to walk from Fraserburgh to Pennan.

I felt Tom on my shoulder cheering me on for all of the walk, but especially when I started to tire or felt foot sore. I would think about Tom and how I was walking in his footsteps, and if he could do it with Parkinson’s then I could definitely get up that cliff!

My favourite place on the second week was Kearvaig Bay - the tranquil beauty of this place is hard to put into words. A white sandy beach enclosed by towering grassy cliffs, the therapeutic rolling of turquoise Atlantic waves. I could see exactly why Tom chose this as his favourite spot on the whole of Coastin’, and it felt so right to scatter some of his ashes at this spot.

Finally, what struck me the most on this two week walk was the prevalence of Parkinson’s. Every day as we walked through either tiny fishing villages or larger towns we met at least one person touched by Parkinson’s. This was a reminder that the work of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust is more vital than ever.

CPT would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Lyndsey, Hanya and Indi and to all those who joined and supported their walk. You can read more of the teams story and support their fundraising here or take a look back at their adventure on the 4Feet 4Paws 4Parkinson's Facebook or Instagram page.

Team 4Feet 4Paws 4Parkinson's as they set off on their adventure from Leven Links Golf Course

Day 2 and a very happy Indi on the coastal path from Elie to Crail

Passing through the beautiful villages along the coast

On day 3 the team are joined by Lyndsey's cousin Gail and her golden labrador Meg and meet up with CPT supporter Gavin Hastings as they pass by St Andrews Links Golf Course on the Fife coastal path (pictured from the left: Hanya, Gavin, Lyndsey, Gavin's golf partner and Gail)

Indi loving the extra long walks each day as the team take on the coastal path from Guardbridge to Wormit Bay on day 4

Day 5 and the team are excited to be joined on their walk to Dundee University (pictured from the left: Hanya's daughter Alexa, John Macphee, Lyndsey, Alison Anderson, Alexa's friends Maddy and Libby, Hanya and CPT's own Helen Matthews) 

The team with researchers from Dundee University 

Day 6 and the team take a day off to cheer Will Boyd-Wallis on at the end of his 'Round the Park for Parkinson's' challenge for CPT at the Cairngorms National Park (pictured from the left: Will Boyd-Wallis, Lyndsey, Hanya and Helen)

Will Boyd-Wallis and Lyndsey celebrating the completion of his 250 mile fundraising walk

Day  7 as the team continue their fundraising walk from Fraserburgh to Pennan across the beautiful landscape

Lucky Indi enjoying a famous Portsoy ice cream as the team reach the pretty harbour town on day 9

Storm Hector arrives on day 10 as the team set out to walk from Bucki to Lossiemouth

A wet and cold Indi as storm Hector continues

The beautiful beachscape at Kearvaig Bay

 Hanya, Lyndsey and Indi as the team finish their 200 mile fundraising walk at Cape Wrath

If you’d like to take on a trekking challenge for CPT we have a fantastic range of challenges for all hiking enthusiasts here. Alternatively please contact George or call 020 7487 3892 to discuss your fundraising ideas and find out how we can support you.