On Saturday 26 July the High Speed Trio set out from Dover to swim the jellyfish infested water, of the world’s busiest shipping lane.

Attempts to swim the English Channel are strictly controlled by the English Channel Swimming Association. Aboard their tiny boat was an observer with clipboard and stop watch to record the times of the three swimmers.

Knowing that for the next interminable number of hours or more their two years training schedule and sheer grit would be put to the test. The team,of Troy, swimming for CPT , Sarita and Guy would be surrounded by water - choppy, cold and polluted. But not once was the team breathless nor faint hearted despite seasickness, and finally having to swim ashore in France in the pitch black whilst being thrown onto jagged rocks by the waves. No champagne corks popping for this plucky trio! But their official time was an amazing 12 hours 16 minutes for a 48 km swim.

Troy raised over £5000 and her smile is as big as her heart.

By Rosemary Mason