The study published in Neurology is the largest study to date on the link between the two conditions. Dr Alastair Noyce from Queen Mary’s Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine said: “We’ve added to evidence that diabetes and Parkinson’s are linked, which in turn raises the possibility that they may respond to common therapies. We hope that furthering our understanding of the relationship between the two diseases could help improve treatments for both conditions.”

Despite the association most people with diabetes will not go on to develop Parkinson's. Prof Tom Warner from UCL stated "We can now say more definitely that there is a link between diabetes and Parkinson’s, but we need to do more research to understand the relationship – whether it’s due to genetics, the effect of diabetes on the brain, or both. While the association is substantial, it’s still clear that most people with type 2 diabetes will not go on to develop Parkinson’s disease"

Dr Richard Wyse, Research and Development Director at The Cure Parkinsons Trust said:

This research reinforces our long-standing belief, and our several on-going or completed clinical trials, in the rationale behind repurposing certain diabetes drugs to treat Parkinson’s.

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