'I came to Kyoto to learn and to connect with others living with Parkinson’s. These connections have already begun - a small nod, a handshake, a smile, an understanding. Parkinson’s looks the same in any language and any culture but how we deal with it may differ enormously and I’m keen to learn more over the next few days…' Alison Anderson.

The triennial World Parkinson Congress (WPC) is an international forum for dialogue on the latest scientific discoveries, medical practices, and caregiver initiatives related to Parkinson’s disease. Each Congress brings together physicians, neuroscientists, a broad range of other health professionals, care partners, and people with Parkinson's for a unique and inspiring experience.

At this year's congress The Cure Parkinson's Trust CPT) was joined by the Michael J Fox Foundation, Parkinson’s Foundation, Parkinson’s UK and Parkinson’s Movement in a new initiative, the WPC Clinical Research Village - a collaboration looking at the clinical trials process from the perspectives of the investigators  through to the actual participants..

CPT was joined by a crack team of advocates sharing their experience of the congress through social media. 

Larry Gifford presented the WPC Podcast channel sharing up to the minute research news from keynote speakers with suggestions and advice on living well with Parkinson's.

Kevin McFarthing Ph.D, innovations expert, said:

Why WPC is important to me - learning and engagement are important parts of my approach to Parkinson’s, so a gathering of the world’s Parkinson’s community is the best place to be. What I hope to get out of WPC - more knowledge, more opportunities, more contacts. 

Alison Anderson, CPT's former Fundraiser of the Year award winner, said:

Some great dialogues are happening between researchers, patients and caregivers which will hopefully enhance the collaboration already underway between worldwide organisations. The commitment, expertise and energy to find a cure is incredibly uplifting.

CPT Trustee Lyndsey Isaacs spoke at the opening ceremony about her life with Tom and the many 'Ups' and some of the downs... watch the video Lyndsey presented at the end of her speech:

Anders Leines has won the Video Competition 'Keep Hope Alive' featuring CPT's late President and Co-founder Tom Isaacs.


Above: WPC 2019 main arena (left) and CPT delegates taking part (right)


To find out more about the CPT team of advocates visit Parkinson's Movement at WPC.