**Funds raised through World Parkinson's Day were planned  to be shared between Parkinson's UK and the Cure Parkinson's Trust, to fund research that will slow, stop, or reverse Parkinson's.  

 Because of coronavirus, there is now an immediate need for support for people living with Parkinson's, and the people in their lives. So The Cure Parkinson's Trust are standing with the community by backing the Parkinson's UK appeal for critical support during this crisis.** #ParkinsonsTogether 

Parkinson’s has a far-reaching impact – on the individuals diagnosed, on their families and their loved ones. One person in 66 is affected by Parkinson's - that's a million people in the UK alone.

On World Parkinson's Day 2020, we are supporting the Parkinson's community by partnering with Parkinson's UK to reach out to everyone affected by Parkinson's, in a joined up effort to create a campaign of awareness to help people better understand Parkinson's, and we are proud to champion this initiative. 

We would love you to get involved: people with Parkinson's, scientists, researchers, family members, nurses, carers and clinicians. We know that everyone's experiences of Parkinson's are different – by sharing these experiences we hope to bring a better understanding of what it is like to live with Parkinson's.

Will Cook, CEO The Cure Parkinson's Trust, says

Until the day we reach our goal of finding a cure for Parkinson’s, it is essential that this condition is better understood by everyone in the UK. Our joint activities for World Parkinson’s Day will help focus attention towards recognition of the impact of this condition and therefore our urgent need to identify ways to slow, stop, reverse and relegate Parkinson’s to the history books.

As our late founder, Tom Isaacs, who lived with Parkinson's for 23 years, said:

If everyone with Parkinson’s were to communicate their experiences of living with Parkinson’s; if everyone participated in clinical trials; if everyone took the time to become more knowledgeable and was more committed to partnering the scientific community in the search for new treatments, then there is no doubt in my mind that progress can be accelerated in Parkinson’s research.

Your testimonies will help bring about awareness and change.

Find out more about how you can get involved in World Parkinson's Day by clicking on this link to Parkinson's UK: World Parkinson's Day.
There, you will find a way to share your stories as well as ways to share the day with your community. Your involvement will make a real difference. Find out more now.