All of our nominated fundraisers were chosen by their friends and family who were inspired by their incredible efforts and commitment throughout 2015. Unfortunately there could only be one winner, but everyone nominated has made a huge contribution to awareness of, and fundraising for Parkinson's (PD). The competition was so very close in 2015 and so we would like to highlight the achievements of everyone who was nominated and thank them and their families for their time, enthusiam, energy and commitment! 

Lana Milne

In 2015 Lana completed not only one marathon but two, and ran a staggering ultra from London to Brighton - all while she was in the midst of planning for her wedding! 

Lana has always said that her challenges were "a HUGE ask of my body, but nothing compared to what sufferers of PD endure". This mind-set has propelled her through all her fundraising challenges. 

A huge congratulations to Lana, not only for completing her monumental challenge, but for this well deserved nomination too. 

Will Hutchings

Will completed a fantastic two marathons, one in Manchester and then London - within a few weeks of each other. Will was driven by the desire to raise funds and awareness of young on-set PD because of his step-brother's diagnosis. We think he did an amazing job!  

A very much deserved nomination Will, and huge congratulations to you for bravely commiting to the London Marathon in 2016 as well!

3 men in Lycra

This three man team comprising Brent, Jason and Mike have taken the cycling world by storm with a number of cycling challenges over the past few years for CPT. In 2015, they braved wind and rain to cycle from London to Amsterdam facing injury, illness and cycling on 'vintage' bikes - all on top of the ride itself! All of their rides are self planned and self funded.

A huge well done to the 'three men in lycra' and those who have supported them along the way. 

Gary Oliver and Simfest

Gary runs Simfest, a group of flight simulator enthusiasts who pilot all around the globe via their incredible simulators. Gary has gone the extra few thousand miles for CPT, flying around the world and bringing awareness to a whole new audience who join in the simulator experience. 

Gary and Simfest deserve congratulations for one of the most unique fundraisers we have known of in a long time! 


The huge Tri4aCure team swam 1.6 miles of the river Dee, cycled 96 miles to Pwhelli and then ran the final 6 miles to Abersoch in North Wales to be greeted by a huge cheering crowd of family, friends, locals and holiday makers, raising just short of £50,000 for The Cure Parkinson Trust. This phenomenal feat was organised by Ben and Holly Lamont, who wanted to raise both money and awareness after their father Neil's diagnosis. They garnered an incredible and dedicated team who not only participated in the huge challenge but fundraised and planned it all as well!

A massive well done to everyone who took part, and for this well deserved nomination. 

Thomasina, Jemma and Anna

Shortly after their GCSE exams, Thomasina Bowyer-Bower, Jemma Stewart and Anna Egerton-King cycled from Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh to Buckingham Palace in London - an event organised entirely by the girls and their families and a phenomenal cycling feat even for the most experienced of cyclists - which the girls by their own admission were not! They raised an amazing amount for CPT and inspired many others to get on two wheels and spread awareness of the charity. 

Huge congratulations to all three girls and their families for their cycle, and a well deserved nomination.