The late Tom Isaacs, pictured above speaking at the Van Andel Research Institute (2015), founded The Cure Parkinson's Trust(CPT) in 2005. Here, Tom recollects his thoughts on the charity's early beginnings...

“~'I think we should go for it' Helen Matthews (CPT Deputy CEO) replied to my suggestion that perhaps the timing was right to set up a new charity with the mission of finding a cure for Parkinson’s. I knew with Helen's incredible organisational skills and unremitting enthusiasm this concept stood a good chance of succeeding! 

From my rubbish strewn study in the loft I thought about what Helen had said - 'Could we really pull off something which could make a difference in Parkinson’s?' - I considered this further and realised that between us we actually had so much more to offer the world.

What we had was the support of some fantastic people, each affected by Parkinson's: Sir Richard and Shelagh Nichols, Michael and Jenny Dicken and Sir David Jones. We also had excellent contacts in the world of Parkinson’s garnered through my 'Coastin' walk around Britain. Finally, between us all, we had enough determination, motivation and passion to make something special happen in the Parkinson's arena.

Even though the ideas hatched in my attic were pretty ‘lofty’, I could never have envisaged that we would be where we are today.

It has been an extraordinary journey and one in which I have enjoyed every second. I have met some quite remarkable people, witnessed generosity beyond compare and I am incredibly proud to have been part of all that The Cure Parkinson’s Trust has achieved.

We have raised and facilitated significant investment into Parkinson’s research. We have been responsible for uncovering scientific discoveries which will, I have no doubt, ultimately lead to a breakthrough. And we have involved people with Parkinson’s every step of the way, ensuring research is relevant and targeted.

I continue to be hugely optimistic about the future. We will conquer Parkinson’s!"

Tom Isaacs - late President and Co-founder of The Cure Parkinson's Trust (1968 - 2017)

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