The more we know about how Parkinson’s (PD) progresses, the better we can tailor treatments to people with PD. Also, better measurement of symptoms means more efficient and less expensive ways of testing new treatments in clinical trials.

Case Study: Sara Riggare - Sara is an 'actively engaged' person within the Parkinson’s community and her philosophy about self-tracking is an interesting and pioneering concept. When you see the statistics you can understand why this concept is so important in the research arena. 

As many as 76% of trackers with chronic conditions claim that the tracking has done at least one of the following: affected their overall approach to maintaining their health, led them to ask a doctor new questions or seek a second opinion, or affected a decision on how to treat an illness or a condition.

Find out more about Sara here.

Parkinson's Apps and Devices Rating Scale (MARS-PARK)

There are numerous apps and devices being used to measure Parkinson’s (PD), however not all provide clear information on what they are measuring and how that measurement relates to the specific and individual symptoms of PD.

Parkinson’s is different for everyone and our hope is that you will be able to help us understand which apps and devices are the most user-friendly and importantly, provide the most relevant information about aspects of your PD. To achieve this we have adapted the Mobile Application Rating Scale (MARS) developed by the Queensland University of Technology (with their consent), so that we can provide invaluable feedback on the use of different technologies in the Parkinson’s arena.

Do you use an app to measure your PD? What do you measure? How often do you use the app? We would love to hear from you!

If you use an app to measure your PD, we would be very grateful if you would take a few moments to rate your app using MARS-PARK - our Parkinson's apps and devices rating scale survey*. 

Thank you in advance for your valuable contribution to this technology assessment. 

*If you experience problems with the compatability of the document with your PC or tablet, please save the interactive PDF after completing it and send the completed form as an attachment to Leah.