Image courtesy of Tilo Kunath Edinburgh University

Cell transplantation: TransEuro, Professor Roger Barker, University of Cambridge

TRANSEURO, involving a consortium of scientists led by Professor Roger Barker in Cambridge and funded in part by CPT and by the EU, has developed a clear pathway to use stem cells as a viable treatment for PD, and addressing the previously mismatched results of preceding work in this field. 

Professor Barker recently presented at CPT's Research Update Meeting (April 2016). To view his stem cell research summation see our You Tube channel.

As part of this study, we are also funding Dr Tilo Kunath, Edinburgh University in a detailed investigation of the best cell lines for use in PD treatment as well as the best methods of tissue preparation and delivery. This clinical study involves over 60 people with Parkinson’s across four centres in Europe. Click here to download more detailed information about this trial.

To read further information about this pioneering research area click here.

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