Following up from the success of his daughter’s London Marathon, Richard Raworth decided to raise money for CPT by skydiving. He raised an amazing £4750.31 and loved every second of it. Hear him tell his story below about how the idea was hatched and how this won’t be the last time he jumps out of a plane!

We were discussing our 50th Wedding Anniversary and how we should celebrate it.  My daughter suggested an extremely luxurious Villa in Corfu. “I’d rather Sky Dive” I said and that’s how the idea was born.

I’d been diagnosed with Parkinsons about a year before and had been introduced to The Cure Parkinson's Trust by a friend.  I am dedicated to cure Parkinsons.

Sky Diving was brilliant.  I wanted to go straight back up and do it again. I definitely will do it again.

And for our 50th Wedding Anniversary the whole family is going to where we come from - Derbyshire.  Staying near Chatsworth - where we will walk, climb hills, explore caves and fly in a balloon. I’m very fortunate.  With basic medication my Parkinsons is currently under control. I’m backing The Cure Parkinson's Trust to find a real cure."