CPT has been working with the EU-funded Sense-Park consortium to devise a relevant measurement system that will monitor the symptoms that are most relevant to a person with Parkinson's. 

Why is such a system needed?
Every existing tool or device for measuring Parkinson's is subjective - it relies on the individual doing something, taking a test, filling-in a form, or a questionnaire.  

There is a desperate need for objective measurement systems in Parkinson's, particularly in clinical trials, as it is only through creating a measure of this sort that we will be able to map how potential disease modifying therapies are working 24 hours a day. 

The next Sense-Park milestone meeting will be taking place in April in London.  In May, we will begin testing prototypes to understand how best to build reports from the sensors and games that will build a real picture of Parkinson's. This is a critical stage as these reports have to be valuable for those using the devices and those treating Parkinson's.