What is the SENSE-PARK System?

The SENSE-PARK System uses four sensors to measure a range of Parkinson’s symptoms: Sleep, tremor, rigidity and stiffness, walking and gait. The sensors record information about your Parkinson’s up to 24-hours a day, as you get on with living your life.
The System also includes a specially designed computer programme which collects all the information from the sensors on a daily basis. The programme uses algorithms designed to accurately record Parkinson’s symptoms to generate a series of reports which will help you and your healthcare team to identify patterns in your Parkinson’s.

As part of the computer programme, the SENSE-PARK System contains a series of games and tests that measures cognition and sway/balance. It also contains a medication and activity diary to create as full a picture as possible of your Parkinson’s.

Why has SENSE-PARK been created?

Until now, Parkinson’s has been measured in the clinic using clinical scales that provide a snapshot of how you are at that moment. These scales cannot give a full picture of how you are living with your Parkinson’s from day to day, week to week.
The SENSE-PARK System provides a way of measuring your Parkinson’s objectively and unobtrusively, so providing a personal picture of your Parkinson’s over time, and with that personal picture comes the opportunity to work with your healthcare team to create a properly personalised treatment plan reflecting your needs.

SENSE-PARK is a pioneering system which combines expertise from technology with the experiences of those who live with Parkinson’s and the scientific know-how of those who treat it.

Current Status
The SENSE_PARK System is currently in a clinical study in three centres in Norway, Germany and Portugal.  This study is allowing us to verify our alogorithms, fine-tune the system and evaluate instructions and reporting systems.  The Study finishes at the end of August, and we will update this page with the outcome then.