On Friday 21st August supporter Sharon Dawson completed a brilliant, high adrenaline wing walk on top of a biplane travelling at over 130mph, experiencing steep dips and dives, wing-overs and banked turns across the RFC Rendcomb Airfield in Gloucestershire. Sharon took on this fantastic experience in celebration of her birthday and in support of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust’s (CPT) research into a cure for Parkinson’s. Here Sharon shares her fantastic fundraising experience:

“Yesterday I went wing walking. A few days beforehand I had a bit of a panic about what I was doing, who in their right mind stands on the top of an aircraft harnessed to a metal pole? Hence suddenly opening a sponsor page so that I could support The Cure Parkinson’s Trust, the charity I've raised money for since 2016 after my Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

I had to wait whilst three other wing walkers went up before me, which gave me an idea of what I'd be experiencing. After watching the safety video and signing to say I wouldn't sue them if I was injured or killed (!) I was issued with my red overalls. Finally it was my turn to follow the expert wing walker who showed me how to climb onto the plane in the correct way and then fastened me into the harness. I had strict instructions not to touch the harness, especially not to open it in flight, how many people have done this?!

Then it was time to go - I'll let you watch the video to see how that was. Before I knew it we were landing again. After I'd finished a lady came up to me and gave me £10 as she'd spotted my CPT t-shirt as her Mum was diagnosed 2 years ago. After talking to them both for quite a while her mum also gave me £10 and thanked me for telling her about the charity and for raising money for them.

I can't praise the wing walking team enough, I'd happily go back and do it again - next time to loop the loop!”

CPT would like to say a huge thank you to Sharon for taking on this brilliant challenge and for her amazing support over the years which we are hugely grateful for. To read more of Sharon’s story or to support her fundraising please visit her fundraising page.

If you feel inspired by Sharon's fundraising efforts and would like to take on a challenge in support of CPT please contact Julia to discuss your ideas and find out how we can support you.

Video credit: Martin Boyce