This quarterly webinar series, brought to you by The Journal of Parkinson’s Disease, The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (CPT) and Parkinson’s Movement, is chaired by Professor Patrik Brundin (Van Andel Institute) and features a panel of experts: Professor Roger Barker, who has been leading the TransEuro dopamine replacement cell therapy trial and Professor Claire Henchcliffe who is from Weill Cornell University, where clinical trials using human embryonic stem cells for people with Parkinson's are getting underway.

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In April 2019 an international panel of stem cell researchers convened for the annual 'G-Force-PD' meeting in Cambridge (UK). Following this meeting CPT hosted a research update meeting for people affected by Parkinson's, and films from this event explaining the current status and progress within the field are available to watch here.

**Note**Professor Jeffrey Kordower discusses the concerning issue of 'Stem Cell Tourism' and the unproven interventions that are exposing risk to patients and legitimate translational stem cell research.