Hear in her own words, how Alison Anderson of The Cyclopaths bravely took on the challenge of cycling 500 km from Vietnam to Cambodia...

What started out as a slightly crazy, not too serious, conversation turned out to be one of life’s slightly crazy but absolutely amazing experiences.

We started out as a disparate group of 16 individuals. Despite our differences in terms of age, fitness, cycling ability (some off us had never cycled before) and personalities, we evolved into the most fantastic team. We supported each other through our grueling challenge, having so much fun, laughter and camaraderie along the way.

Cycling 500km through Vietnam and Cambodia in the 35 degree heat and humidity was a challenge in itself. Throw into the mix, unfamiliar bikes, crazy main roads, millions of mopeds, treacherous wet, slippery tracks, unstable bridges, an endless myriad of obstacles and some extremely challenging stretches of muddy, dirt tracks and we were very grateful to our local guides, our mountain bikes and our training! Although there really is no comparison between cycling through the serene countryside of Gloucestershire and the main roads around Ho Chi Minh City!

Despite a number of falls, some spectacular bruises and some serious overheating, the support and determination of everyone of the team ensured we each completed every single mile of the challenge. A just reward for the many hours of training we all put into preparing for this challenge.

Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2015, my personal sense of achievement is immense. Having an exercise goal to work towards, a great team of people to train with, to have raised over £40,000 for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust and to have had the unwavering support of my husband, children, so many family members, friends, colleagues and at times, strangers, has been humbling and has made this year an absolutely fantastic one!

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